Grand Heritage Batman 1966 Adult Costume Standard

USD $ 99.99

Before there were a dozen Hollywood movies about the Caped Crusader, putting on the Batsuit wasn't just a way to pay the bills. It was a calling. And perhaps the only man who could have been the first to heed that call was the inimitable Adam West. This super-deluxe Batman Classic Series Grand Heritage Costume features one of the most iconic looks (and the handiest prop belt) ever committed to film. Including authentic detailing on the masked cowl, businesslike fins jutting out of the battle-ready gauntlets, that classic cape with semicircular cutouts, and those magnificent briefs, this costume comes as close as reasonably possible to capturing the goofy charm and kitsch cool of the series that helped bring Batman into almost every living room in America for three seasons during the mid-1960s. 100% Polyester..