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Ka-Zar Graphic Novel Savage Dawn

USD $ 15.99

(W) Bruce Jones (A/CA) Brent Eric Anderson. A new world for the jungle lord! A hunt for his faithful four-legged friend Zabu takes Ka-Zar beyond the Savage Land into the ancient paradise of Pangea! But from shining citadels to the lofty heights of the Aerie Shalahn, its filled with newfound friends and fresh dangers! Caught between bird-people and pterons, will Kevin Plunder plunge to his doom, or find new love? One way or another, things are going to get complicated with Shanna, because the so-called she-devil isnt quite herself. As Ka-Zar wrestles with his restlessness, the stakes become life and death. Savage tales from a series thats one of Marvels hidden gems! Collecting KA-ZAR THE SAVAGE #1-5. Rated T.