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Lego Agents Ultra Agents Mission Hq

USD $ 139.99

Strap on a jetpack and attach the extendable robot arm to prepare Agent Phoenix for lift-off. Stop Terabyte escaping with the laptop containing all the Ultra Agents' secret files while his hi-tech mech tries to destroy the communications system by firing hacking bombs at the satellite dish. Launch the buggy down the ramp and fire the stud shooters to defend the LEGO Ultra Agents Mission HQ. LEGO Agents Ultra Agents Mission HQ: The kids building set includes 5 minifigures with accessories: Terabyte, Agent Solomon Blaze, Agent Caila Phoenix, Agent Curtis Bolt and Professor Christina HydronUltra Agents Mission HQ in undercover mode features: Lever-operated detachable driver's cabinOpening cockpitTranslucent blue energy wheelsDual automatic spring-loaded shootersDetachable hidden flyerUltra Agents Mission HQ in open HQ mode features: Fold-out side for easy playBriefing room with 2 slide-out seats, giant screen, laptop and plug-in slot for laptopComputer area with satellite dish, laboratory area with extendable robot armJetpackComputer and microscope included with the kids building setLadder2 stud shootersBuggy with 2 flick missilesRemovable prison cellTerabyte's mech features: Cockpit with mind-control plug-in tubesHuge spinning grabbing clawHacking bomb ball shooterSensorsDetachable surveillance drone with dual cannonsWeapons in the LEGO building set include 2 stud shooters and a cyber hacking blasterAccessories include Agent Curtis Bolt's helmet, Terabyte's toxic headguard and a walkie-talkieFire the automatic missile shooters to repel Terabyte's attacksPress the lever to smoothly detach the rear of the truckOpen up the side to reveal the agents' awesome hi-tech HQPrepare for missions in the briefing roomStop Terabyte stealing the laptop containing the top-secret plansUnleash the hidden flyer and launch the buggy down the rampDefend against the Terabyte mech's hacking bomb attacks with the stud shooters in the LEGO Ultra Agents Mission HQCapture Terabyte in the prison and.

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